Tuesday, 29 January 2008

2D is yesterday, 3D is now

When Papervision came up, everyone was excited and started playing around with it. Now with its second version ("The Great White") more and more cool things like that are rising up on the horizon and this is just the beginning. If you consider yourself a good and worthwhile Flashguy, stay tuned and always keep and eye on the latest development around that phantastic framework.

Papervision Blog

Thursday, 24 January 2008


This is Col. Kurtz. I will write some funny links and will share some Flash/Actionscript experiences with you. I am currently getting deeper into AS3 and Flex. Since I am based in London I will also write some stuff about the scene, music and "good to know" articles about online advertisement and especially its development.

I am working for Ralphandco, a Clerkenwell based Media company specialized in Viral Online- and Marketing-campaigns. Basically I am/was responsible for the whole Flash bit of campaigns like Dexter (www.icetruck.tv) or Waltswisdom (www.waltswisdom.com).

Stay in touch.

P.S.: Oh, and check out this one here: